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Who are we

We are the prominent Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter of Refined Edible Oil in the market. Our range of Refined Edible Oil includes Refined Canola Oil, Refined Corn Oil, Refined Peanut Oil, Refined Rapeseed Oil, Refined Soybean Oil, and Refined Sunflower Oil. Our team of experts distills this Refined Edible Oil as per the industry standards to make it free of impurities and dusts. The Refined Edible Oil, offered by us, gets widely used in Food Industry for frying, baking and other types of cooking purpose. Moreover, we provide these Refined Edible Oils in various packaging such as Drums, PP bags, Cartons, Bottles, and Jerry Can.

Agris is located on the South of Ukraine city Kherson . Our employees have experience in the agro-industrial business for many years. Over the years we have established multiple partnerships.

What do we do

We specialize in processing of sunflower seeds and production of sunflower oil. The complete cycle of production is made on the modern equipment from sunflower seeds with high oil content.

Product description
Refined deodorized winterized sunflower oil.

  • Color value,amount of iodine mg, less than - 2
  • Acid value mg KOH/g, less than - 0,10
  • Weight part of non oleginous impurities, less than - None
  • Peroxide value, ½ О2 m/molkg, less than - 0.5
  • Weight part of moisture and impurities, %, less than - 0.075
  • Mass Content Of Phosphoric Matters, % - None
  • Soap, % - None
  • Specific weight of at 20°C - not more than 0.923 g / cm3
    Free from any coloring materials, flavors, and anti-foaming agents.
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    Our experience and reputation are valuable. We are proud of our partners.

Oil extract from sunflower seed

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