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AGROTECHNOPHOS is one of the top four Ukrainian producers of phosphate fertilizers, fodder additives, phosphoric and sulphuric acid. In 2011 the volume of production amounted to 773 thousand tonnes of marketable products.
The Company production capacities of the enterprise form a compact complex on fertilizers such as MAP and DAP, used for all types of soils and crops are the key products manufactured at AGROTECHNOPHOS.
The Company plant has annual production capacities of 750 thousand tonnes of  Urea N 46%, mono-ammonium phosphate (MAP) and di-ammonium phosphate (DAP), 200 thousand tonnes of ammonia, 300 thousand tonnes of phosphoric acid and 1,100 thousand tonnes of sulphuric acid.
All the products are of high quality and comply with Ukrainian and international standards. The Company is certified in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and has always had a good standing on both international and domestic market.

The fertilizer complex is a fully integrated facility, capable of producing intermediate and final products.


OAO AGROTECHNOPHOS is paying a lot of attention to the issues of conservation and protection of the environment as well as ecological safety.

In addition to the existing systems the company is getting ready to introduce new management systems based on the best world practices in the field of quality and ecology, such as ISO 9000 and ISO 14001.

The company engages both Ukrainian and foreign specialized organizations and is regularly carrying out internal and external environmental audits to ensure compliance of the Company’s activities with the current legislation and the high ecological standards of the Republic of Ukraine. 

New membrane-technology-based water treatment system that has been put into operation won a prize awarded by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Republic of Ukraine as the Best Environmental Project in the category for Ecological Efficiency of the Production.

Being fully aware of its role in the social and economic development, our views corporate social responsibility as advancing towards success with due care taken of the economic, environmental and social wellbeing of the regions where the Company’s business units are based.

We respect the legislation of both the Republic of Ukraine and partner countries, adheres to free competition principles and seeks contribution to social progress with internal corporate policy to employ highly qualified professionals, provide conditions for their continuous education and professional training, and sustainably motivate the employees’ efficiency through comfortable work environment, an attractive remuneration system, and opportunities for sports activities and recreation.

 2. Environmental responsibility

The Company’s projects for use of natural resources and environmental protection


The Company’s environmental  specialists permanently work to incorporate highly effective environmental protection technologies for maximum reduction of the amount and concentration of pollutants and sewage water dumped in the production process.

The technologies that we have today include unique systems of biological and instrumental level-based water purification with recycling. The products incorporated in the production process for purification of water are the result of prolonged scientific study and the experience of both the Company’s environment specialists and the recognized world leaders in this field.

Development and incorporation of technologies for waste utilization and use

According to the program for environmental protection, harmonious exploitation of natural resources, and work on industrial waste being adopted by the Company, OAO AGROTECHNOPHOS is currently carrying out activities aimed at developing the possibility of secondary use of waste in the production process or the maximum separation of useful elements with their consequent sale.
For these purposes the Company has created a special department and has started to work with possible future consumers. In the near future, the Company is planning to open an e-site from which any interested party will be able to purchase components made from the company’s industrial waste.
OAO AGROTECHNOPHOS specialists are continuously working on new ideas directed at recycling and reprocessing waste storages left behind. 

Development and incorporation of technologies to increase energy efficiency

Considering the negative situation created by the global warming  as well as the constantly increasing cost of fuels (energy resources) and, as a consequence, the inevitable increase in production cost, the Company is developing a program for harmonious exploitation of energy resources and increase in energy efficiency.
Thus, in the near future, the Company is planning to audit energy efficiency with the aim to review energy resources consumption levels and develop measures to cut the consumption, increase the output, and, as a result, receive the best possible economic and environmental effect.
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