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Our fertilizer is the approach to food and fiber production that respects the natural processes in the farm or garden ecosystem in order to yield top quality products.

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sustainable agriculture

Agrotechnophos Fertilizer is the choice of sustainable agricultural consultants throuth the word.

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Our Ferilizer Products

We are one of the biggest producers and suppliers of fertilizer products with the rank of 11 most biggest fertilizer manufacturing companies in the world.

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Agrotechnophos Phosphate Fertilizer has over ther years become the choice of sustainable agricultura consultants throuth the word.
Our business is regulated in order to constantly improve hygiene and quality standards at all times.
One of the largest fertilizer producers in Ukraine. We manufacture quality fertilizer products that meet consumer requirements.


Agrotechnophos Fertilizer is an environmentally beneficial phosphate that can never lock up,
in contrast to other phosphate sources. Our fertilizer contains 14.9% phosphorus, 18.5% calcium,
a high analysis of silicon and an exceptional amount of other trace minerals.
This bio-phosphate is microbe-friendly which is imperative for a healthy soil
regeneration program producing the ideal nutrient-dense products.
This phosphate source has no problem with high levels of heavy metals.

healthy soiL, healthy crop


The health of our nation may be impossible to restore without restoring the health of our soils. Healthy soils and healthy people; this would be the greatest legacy
- William Albrecht

The Fertilizer quality


Our Fertilizer has been used for years in manure conditioning. Using it helps to tie up ammonia gas and the release of nitrogen. It is the perfect choice with the additional added benefit of the nutrients.



Agrotechnophos Fertilizer has been used by leading farmers in the in the world to boosting products and will continue to help grow top quality products.

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All you need is to contact us in any convenient way and indicate the volume of our Fertilizer Products supply. In our turn we will tell you all prices and dates of delivery. We make a contract with every client which underwrites all obligations.